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We have three goals; 1) educate towards a deeper appreciation and understanding of beer, 2) work to develop a sense of community by sourcing local ingredients, developing the job market, and providing the community a space to develop interests, 3) provide a resource for brewing practices, brewing history, and local community involvement in the craft.

We are an Independent Brewery. This means that we are not owned by a multi-national corporation who is only concerned with making money. If you come in, you'll probably see one of the owners working. We are committed to our craft and work hard every day to bring you the best experience and the best beer possible!



Care, Ingredients, and Time

Eight-Foot Brewing is the culmination of hard work and passion for and about brewing beer, and sharing it with others. We believe in taking our time to develop, test, and nurture our beer. 


We believe in providing only the highest quality product using the freshest, local ingredients. Educating our staff on history, taste, and production so that they can better serve you.


Lastly, we are especially excited about bringing our love for funky, sour, and experimental styles of beer to the community through a barrel aged mixed-fermentation program at the brewery.


Giving Back 

We are passionate about craft beer education, and providing the community a product that exceeds industry and commercial standards.


We think it is important to give back and strive to be involved in various charitable events. We are currently seeking charities with whom to partner for future events. 

We believe in providing a resource for those in the SWFL area by showcasing arts (performing, live, culinary, etc..) and educational brewing projects. We hope to collaborate with others in the community, whether they are musicians, coffee roasters, artists, restaurants or event holders. 

Lastly, we believe in taking care of our work family. We strive to provide opportunities for personal development and learning, as well as a financially sustainable career.



Developing a Deeper

Upon entry into a winery or a fine dining establishment, expert staff guide your experience.  Having developed a love for great beer by sitting down and studying the brewing process, along with flavor & appearance profiles; we believe that it is vital to understand what you are drinking, why it tastes the way it does, and how it was made. We believe this insight provides a greater appreciation for what you are drinking. 

Hosting beer classes where customers can see first hand how beer is made, why it is made a certain way, and how this affects flavor and color will add to the continued education of Southwest Florida's craft brew community. We hope to provide an educational resource to our consumers by providing this information in our tap room. We also hope to act as a resource for fellow industry and homebrewers alike by hosting beer & brewing events, limited fermentation tank memberships, and other special opportunities. 

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