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EFB Kitchen

Kitchen is open Wed. - Sat., closed Sun.

V - vegetarian  

Seasonal Special

Hot Brown – 10.00 (can be made vegan)

Turkey Breast. Cranberry Mayo. Stuffing. Gouda. House Vegan Gravy.

Sourdough. Open-Faced. Your choice of side

Poutine – 8.00  (v) (can be made vegan)

French Canadian Specialty. House Vegan Gravy. Fries. Cheese Curds. 


Pulled Pork - 4.00

Yellow Corn Tortilla. House Pickled Onions. Arugula. Queso Blanco. 

Sriracha Drizzle.


Vegetarian – 3.00 (v)

Yellow Corn Tortilla. Crispy Eggplant. House Pickled Onions. Arugula. 

Goat Cheese. Sriracha Crema. 


The Fanciest Grilled Cheese EVER - 8.00 

Rye. Brie. Baby Swiss. Apricot. Fig Preserves. Balsamic Drizzle.

add Prosciutto - 2.00

Mac & Cheese Pulled Pork Panini – 10.00

Rye. Pulled Smoked Pork. Mac & Cheese. Pickled Red Onion. Choice of Sides.


Turkey Pesto Panini – 8.00

Rye. Sliced Turkey Breast. Queso Blanco. Pesto. Choice of Sides.

Turkey Rachel Panini – 8.00

Rye. Sliced Turkey Breast. Sauerkraut. Baby Swiss. Russian Dressing. Choice of Sides.


The Italian - 12.00

Naan. House-Tomato Jam. Proscuitto. Sopressata. Salami. 


House Flatbread - 12.00

Pesto Flatbread. Queso Blanco. Prosciutto. Balsamic Drizzle. Fresh Arugula.


Buffalo Chicken Flatbread - 12.00

Queso Blanco. Breaded Buffalo Chicken. Hot Sauce Drizzle. Blue Cheese Crumble

Buffalo Vegetarian Flatbread - 12.00 (V)

Queso Blanco. Mac & Cheese. Hot Sauce Drizzle. Blue Cheese Crumble

Small Plates

Soft Pretzel - 5.00 vegan

Two traditional soft pretzel sticks, served warm. These are locally made just a block over! Comes with a Düsseldorf Mustard

add Beer Cheese 2oz - 2.00

Our homemade take on this classic. Featuring our Hefeweizen, with hints of garlic and cayenne. Served warm. Great as a side with our Soft Pretzel


Cheese Plate - 12.00

Brewer’s selection of four cheese styles to compliment the beer we have on tap. Served with fresh fruit, crackers, olives, and house-specials  

      add charcuterie - 5.00

Add to your cheese plate, a selection of Genoa Salami, Hot Sopressata, and Prosciutto

Mac and Beer Cheese - 6.00 (v)

Classic elbow pasta. Choice of Beer Cheese or Smoked Cheddar.

  add Pulled Pork & Bacon   3oz - 3.00

Hummus & Pita Chips - 6.00 vegan

House made hummus with made to order pita chips


Mac and Cheese - 4.00 (v)

A kids size mac and beer cheese minus our beer


Grilled Cheese - 5.00 (v)

Three Cheese. Crispy. Panini Grilled Cheese


Chicken Nuggets - 5.00

Five Fried Chicken Nuggets. Variety of Sides


Spent Grain Cookies - 3 for 5.00, or 1 for 2.00 (v)

Spent grain from the brewery. 

Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Walnut, or Raisin


More seasonally inspired selections to come as we expand our hours and kitchen

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